What did Southgate say after being booed by Lions fans and chasing the team after their home defeat

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England manager Gareth Southgate has spoken of his feelings after being booed by Lions fans during his side’s 4-0 UEFA Nations League defeat to Hungary at home.

Gareth Southgate has pledged to draw inspiration fromthe late Sir Bobby Robson . After England fansturned against him and his players in the humiliating defeat to Hungary , the worst home defeat since 1928, the lion’s fans roared on the pitch. shouting, shouting, mocking with sentences  ‘Sacked this morning’ and ‘You don’t know what you’re doing’ during England’s 4-0 thrashing of Hungary at Molineux Stadium. 

         In the UEFA Nations League, League A Group 3, the seemingly lifeless England national team suffered their worst home defeat in 94 years since March 1928, a 5-1 defeat to Scotland , and they Never lost at least four home games without scoring before. It was the end of an unforgettable international break for the Roaring Lions, with England unable to beat any team in the Nations game. all four league games They lost both games to Hungary and the only goal they scored was Harry Kane’s penalty and that made the fans England were not very pleased with their demands for Southgate to be fired.

         After the UFABET game , Southgate said: “I knew this role before I took it. I would say it [Fans’ opinions The team change] happened in 10 days, not 11 months , but I saw what the coaches before me went through. And I know a great guy like Sir Bobby Robson. What he’s been through and how he was viewed. Before he finally led the team to the semi-finals of the World Cup. Feeling People who pay to see it will comment. The team did not show the form. That’s my responsibility So if criticism comes to me I have to deal with it.

         “You will not be the manager of the England national team. It’s impossible to play this role I’ve been doing for five years without bad nights, tough nights, criticism. That’s part of the job. I understand tonight was a bad experience. “We haven’t lost many football matches. And when you’re devastated, especially at home When you’ve lost badly against a team like England. It will be very painful.” “This group of players is incredible for their country. It’s important that people stick with them as they are going to be strong going forward.” “It [fan reaction] was unsatisfactory. Irony is the pressure we have and reputation or opinion. It came in two seasons of the Nations League, and both seasons. We are not even close to being able to pick the strongest team.” 

         Southgate made nine changes to his starting XI, but the less inexperienced player who has been given the opportunity in the past 10 days cannot afford to impress him. “We picked a young, dynamic team and when the game started it turned out to be undesirable. But in the end that’s my responsibility . But they need experienced players around them and that’s the balance when the game starts to dislike them tonight. I didn’t put in enough leadership for them to let that happen.”

         This international break may seem like a real-world reminder of not only the depth of Southgate ‘s options but also his World Cup prospects. Asked if he was as confident about their future in Qatar as they were before England’s last four matches, Southgate added: “Of course, after the result of a match like tonight No matter how I answer that question It will also be open to calculating. So I have to balance what is clear about how it works for us, what are these results.”