Financial problems Bordeaux were dropped to the third division

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Bordeaux six-time French Ligue 1 champions is in serious financial trouble. It has forced him to play in the third division on a debt of around 40 million euros. But he can appeal within seven days.

The executive committee of the French League (LFP) has revealed that six-time Ligue 1 champions. Chirondins Bordeaux have been forced to play in the third division due to serious financial problems. This is considered to be dropped twice in less than a month. After finishing the last place in the top league must come down to play in the second league next season.

LFP said that after considering the financial the club. Which is owned by businessman Gerard Lopez. The club’s chairman will face further relegation going to the nacional or third division of the country. But they have seven days to appeal. against such verdict

RMC Sport , the leading media outlet in Perfume City, reported that the team has a budget deficit of 40 million euros, or about 1,480 million baht, which is the second time. After being relegated in 1991 due to being detected by the financial and accounting institutions They had debt of around 45 million euros or about 1,643 million baht, but were able to come back up in 1992 and have been in the top league ever since.

Lopez, Spanish-Luxembourg businessman Acquired the club Bordeaux last summer. He previously owned Lille but had to leave the UFABET club due to the club’s financial problems. causing this time to expedite the appeal in order not to let history repeat itself again It also made the financial condition worse when falling to play in the 3rd division. 

For Bordeaux, he has won the French top flight six times in the 1949–1950, 1983–1984, 1984–1985, 1986–1987, 1998–1999 and 2008–2009 seasons. Four more Cup de Frances, or French Cups, in 1940–1941, 1985–1986, 1986–1987 and 2012–2013.