Let’s play enough! Gareth Bale ready to sign all teams, no need for big teams

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The club name doesn’t matter! Welsh national team veteran winger Gareth Bale Announcing and signing contracts with all clubs without conditions that it must be a large team because it is considered that being able to play continuously is more important

From the highly experienced wing Gareth Bale, the Welsh national team degree. The contract with the team is about to expire. “White King” Real Madrid, the giants of the Spanish La Liga club on June 30, allowing him to move the team without that fee. Previously, there was news that Cardiff teams in their hometown were interested in grabbing him to join the army. But it’s a team at the English Championship level.

Gareth Bale has revealed that Now I don’t think I will be with a big team alone. because I don’t know how much the standard of the game is different Because it looks like football is still a football game. Whether going to a large or small team, there is no way to lose quality in playing football.

“I think we need to discuss it. I need time to figure out what would be the best choice for me, my family and my kids. Hopefully we can find a solution this UFABET summer. Now I have many options as well,” the 32-year-old said.

Bale continued: “When considering football, apart from family, I had to discuss with Rob Page, the Wales national team manager. and the physical therapy team To see which option would give me the best chance of keeping myself fit. when november And this December, there will be a program to play in the World Cup final.”