Former Manchester United-Chelsea board Lead the American capital group buy Everton

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Good news media Former Manchester United-Chelsea executive. Leading a group of funds from the United States to negotiate for the purchase of Everton. A famous club in the English Premier League by talking to a certain extent.

The Daily Mail is a famous British media outlet. News reports that we have a group of funds from the United States. Are in talks to buy a UFABET team Everton a famous club in the English Premier League. After the team owner Farhad Mochiri.

The report states that  group included John Thornton. The mining company’s chief executive and Masek Kaminski the real estate CEO. But the most interested in the media is Peter Kenyon. A former executive chairman of Manchester United and Chelsea. He served as the group’s main lead in the opening of the deal.

In English football it is believed that Funding group from the United States Ready to pay 400 million pounds or approximately 16.8 billion baht in Thai money to take over the team. Which is lower than the amount that Farhad Moshiri has set at 550 million pounds, or approximately 23,100 million baht in Thai baht.

For Everton, based in Liverpool, last season struggled to escape relegation until the final match of Fdugal. by finishing in 16th place in the competition schedule