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I has explained what Hi-Lo gambling is. For today, I will teach you how to play Sic Bo online and recommend a website that is open for playing Hi-Lo games for 24 hours for everyone to get to know each other. Which way to play will be difficult? and in each web site Where will it be interesting? Let’s go through the details together in the article.

How to play dice online

For how to play Sic Bo online on the website , there are steps that are not difficult at all. Before playing, you need to register and deposit money into the system. Then start entering betting.

1. Choose a Live Casino category.

The first step after you have logged in. You will see the homepage of the website, then you can click on the Live Casino category as shown in the picture below.

2. Select Club GPI

Later, you will see that the website will have a GPI brand that is open to play 3 Sic Bo games together, from which you can choose any room. Because anyway, go to the game page as well

3. Choose a Sic Bo category

After selecting a GPI club, you will be presented with a screen as shown in the image below. which you can press into the Hi – Lo category

Hi-Lo online
Hi-Lo Category – How to Play Hi-Lo Online

4. Press to enter the game Sic Bo online.

Later, you will see The system has 3 game rooms for you to choose from. You can choose to play in any room. As you want, then press Enter the game .

enter the game

5. Choose a betting limit

when you press the button Enter the game The system will have betting odds to choose from. There are all 3 formats as follows. Choose according to the budget you want to bet.

  • 25 baht – 5,000 baht
  • 500 baht – 100,000 baht
  • 3,000 baht – 500,000 baht
Hi-Lo online
betting limit

6. Start betting

and after selecting the betting limit You can start playing Sic Bo games right away. The format of the play went to study more Get it at this article.

Start betting on Sic Bo games.

It’s over. For the style of playing Sic Bo online In addition, Add has written an article about The pattern of playing local dice which if anyone is interested can go to study In this article.

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