7 dangers of eating Too much “instant noodles”

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in the famine era Depression When going to buy food at the market or supermarket. You will find that many fresh foods have a higher price. The increase of 5-10 baht may still be enough to endure. But some things are more expensive, the difference before-after is higher than that. People like us started to be unable to bear Not including consumer goods. Other utilities that many things start to move up the price accordingly. As it became big news “Expensive for the whole land” since entering the new year for a few days

7 dangers of eating Too much "instant noodles"

Even so, there is one product that the manufacturer has confirmed that the price will not increase. To the point that many media outlets have headlines in the manner that it is “Good News” or “Thai Hey. That is, “Instant Noodles”. Of course, it is good that at least Products are not all more expensive. But using the word “good news” or “Thai Hey” sounds like we normally consume it as a staple food. The สมัคร ufabet type that can be eaten every day 3 meals a day. Therefore good news that must be heard loudly. Because it doesn’t raise the price or Thai people should avoid other foods raise. Those prices and then turn to eat instant noodles

not at all! Although other foods are expensive But will turn to eat instant noodles instead because the price is not cheap! Although many people may like to eat as the original capital. Because the taste is delicious, easy to eat, or many people eat, need to eat only during. Especially when the salary is not yet released. But instant noodles are not a healthy food. Even worse, they are also very punished. Eating instant noodles is not a solution to the problem of expensive products. It’s not even a food that should be eaten every day.

Instant noodles are more harmful to the body than we think. But with people eat often or thinking about eating it as a staple food. Because other types of food are expensive. You have to rethink it because the results for your body health are not worth it. So instant noodles are not an option to eat in an era when rice is very expensive.


There are a few ingredients in instant noodles. About 60-70 percent of the main ingredient is wheat flour, another 15-20 percent is fat. Both in condiments and from frying noodles. The dried vegetables and dried meat that came in the condiment packets had almost no nutrients left (really shouldn’t expect anything from those spirits). So instant noodles could be considered inferior. The nutritional value of eating frequently and continuously for a long time will put consumers at risk of nutritional deficiencies. Because each day does not receive complete nutrients not enough. Especially in children whose bodies are still developing. Adding vegetables or meat may help. which must be purchased to eat anyway

2.no nutritional value

It can be said that instant noodles have no nutritional value. what we got full From instant noodles, there are only flour, fat and sodium in it, so there are almost no nutrients that are essential for the body. It may cause harm to health. The negative effects may not occur immediately, but will gradually accumulate over time. like death in installment There is information from the Australian Consumers Association that found that one pack of instant noodles contains as much fat as with junk food Provide high carbohydrates, high sodium, and the oil used in the frying process is usually cheap vegetable oil. When broken down, it becomes trans fatty acids. which is bad fat

3.high sodium

The more intense the taste The higher the sodium The seasoning of instant noodles is rich in sodium and monosodium glutamate. Including the seasoning in the noodles to have a salty taste. Makes instant noodles become a food with a relatively high amount of sodium compared to the amount of food per 1 unit according to nutritional principles. Thai people should consume no more than 2,400 milligrams of sodium per day. But a single packet of instant noodles has around 1,600 milligrams of sodium, which is more than 50 percent of your daily value. Some people also add seasoning from sauces, fish sauce, or other processed foods. equals that on the day of eating instant noodles You may be getting more sodium that day than usual. If there is no balance with other foods


Because the main components In instant noodles is “flour” as we already know. The starch after digestion process will turn into sugar. to be used as energy in the body Part of it will be transported to the liver and muscles. which if this energy is not used up will change to store as backup energy It will be in the form of fat. In fact, you don’t have to think so far as to chase down the processes in your digestive system. Just flipping the back of the packet to see the calorie content should be enough to know that instant noodles are a food that can cause obesity. by the energy from instant noodles, a single small packet Gives energy like we eat about 3 ladles of rice, sodium causes the body to swell But ask if you are full? not at all!

5.Sickness asks for

because instant noodles have no nutritional value High carbohydrates, high fat, high sodium, eating a lot. It will increase the risk of developing ailments such as high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, metabolic syndrome and malnutrition. This means that eating instant noodles increases our risk of developing these chronic illnesses very high. Eating a lot of instant noodles May affect the body’s growth and development. This is why we should avoid instant noodles. should not be eaten often (Maximum is 1 sachet per day) and should add other vegetables or meat. down to add nutritional value

6.digestive system disturbances

This may not be a serious problem compared to the previous one, but it can happen too because many times after eating instant noodles, We may feel fullness, bloating, flatulence, feeling like indigestion. Maybe it’s because we don’t chew thoroughly. In addition, instant noodles are mainly starch that provides carbohydrate nutrients. Carbohydrates usually take quite a long time to digest and are already difficult to digest. Sometimes it can affect the digestive system. besides that The instant noodles have no fiber at all. (And we don’t add more vegetables) can cause constipation as well. It might not be a big deal. But it still felt quite annoyed.

7.Not full

Eating instant noodles is not worth it. Although the price per pack is less than 10 baht, because the size of the sachet alone does not fill the stomach. 2 packs are too full, and for the size of a big pack, even though I’m full, I’m not satisfied after eating it) but I have to unpack the other pack and leave it unfinished. So cut the problem and make 2 envelopes at once. In addition, adding vegetables or meat to increase the nutritional value as written on the front of the envelope must be purchased and added anyway. Calculated and calculated, the price of a bowl of instant noodles is not much different from rice or noodles. which may be more harmful to the body Like this, eat rice or noodles to be full. It’s worth going.

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t eat instant noodles at all. or will see that it is a poisonous food that is dangerous It all depends on how we eat. If we don’t eat often, eat often, take a long time, or have a way to eat that reduces the penalty of it. It was delicious food, easy to eat, cheap and safe to eat. A simple recommendation is to eat boiled. By choosing to eat water Put less seasoning No need to run out of envelopes, add vegetables, eggs, other meats. that is not processed meat to get complete nutrition Calculate the nutritional balance carefully if one meal of the day is instant noodles. To control the starch, sodium and fat and should not eat more than 1 sachet per day (cup), it is best not to exceed 2 sachets per week