6 symptoms of “menopausal age” in men with treatment methods

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Menopause, or “menopausal age” in women, has many effects on a woman’s health and body. But men can experience many symptoms and changes as they age. which some people compare this symptom to puberty in men But it is still controversial whether men really have the same “menopausal” condition as women.

6 symptoms of "menopausal age" in men with treatment methods

Menopausal symptoms in men

during menopause Women tend to experience many symptoms. due to a decrease in sex hormones This is also a ยูฟ่าเบท symptom that can be found in older men as well, such as

  1. hot flashes
  2. Upset, easily irritated
  3. Fat accumulation around the waist and breasts
  4. loss of muscle mass
  5. dry and thin skin
  6. sweating more

A study in the New England Journal of Medicine also noted that In addition to those symptoms Symptoms that are common in older men As a result of changes in sex hormone levels, it is decreased sex drive Less frequent morning erections and sexual dysfunction including other symptoms that may occur, such as reduced rejuvenation inability to walk far and unable to do activities that require physical strength, such as running, lifting heavy objects, including kneeling, bending over or squatting will be more difficult

Causes of “menopausal symptoms” in men

Some researchers point out that These symptoms are caused by Androgen Decline In The Aging Male (ADAM) or a later onset of low testosterone. which is a natural occurrence When the genitalia that produce sex cells begin to age and not working well enough which generally After a man reaches his thirties Testosterone levels gradually decline, about one percent per year. But even these symptoms are caused by problems with sex hormones like women. But to compare with the menopause of women. It’s not quite right at all.

puberty in men similar but not the same

menopause of that woman It’s a natural thing that happens to a woman’s sexual development. It can be said that every woman must face this symptom. And this is the first difference. That is, the condition of sex hormones is low in men like this. Affects men about 2. 1 percent. The prevalence of this condition may increase with age. But it’s still not what happens to a man’s natural sexual development. Or it doesn’t happen to all men. In addition, the decline in hormones during the menopause of women. It was a sharp and rapid decline of estrogen and progesterone. 

Which is a hormone related to the reproductive function of women. While the decrease in testosterone that is testosterone is unclear, and less severe than menopause in women during menopause. The decline in testosterone in men is usually slow. The testes have not stopped the production of testosterone. Just like the ovaries stop making hormones. Healthy men may be able to produce good sperm until their 80s or beyond. But if a man has some kind of disease Testicular changes may occur earlier, at ages 45-50, and diminish significantly by age 70 for some men.

It’s not just the sex hormones that cause it.

Moreover, experts do not believe that This normal age-related decline in testosterone is the only key symptom of “menopausal symptoms” in men because if related All men experience this condition–which it is not. This symptom is complicated. and differs from person to person including older men diagnosed with low testosterone There are often other factors involved, such as being a person with congenital disease. such as heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. The second type includes other risk factors. These include not exercising, smoking, drinking, stress, anxiety, and not getting enough sleep. “Mid-life crisis”, which is a symptom of professional and personal anxiety. causing depression And it can cause testosterone to drop as well. Experts therefore tend to point out that changes in hormonal levels alone It is not the main cause of menopausal symptoms in men.

menopausal treatment

Because this symptom does not have a clear definition. and there is insufficient evidence to suggest that “Menopause in men” is a symptom that needs treatment. Like menopause in women Men experiencing these menopause-like physical changes. Therefore, they are often treated according to the symptoms they have, such as those who are obese. It will be encouraged to lose weight. people with diabetes or cardiovascular disease will be dealt with these symptoms appropriately, such as controlling tears in the blood, taking medications, which when the symptoms are controlled, the menopausal symptoms may improve or if it doesn’t get better. However, this is not as necessary a procedure as hormone replacement therapy in women. Hormone therapy in men It is often used when it has been confirmed that Men have hypothyroidism at levels that cause real health problems. which consulting a medical professional will help give you the best answer.