11 health problems that you should avoid drinking coffee Before bad health Broke harder than before

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Although coffee is a drink that people of school and working age like or must drink regularly. Because it is a drink that helps to wake up or feel energized. But did you know that this ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com type of drink can also be harmful to the body? Especially those with certain diseases Today we have gathered together 11 diseases that you should avoid drinking coffee. For safety and health, let’s share for everyone to know.

11 health problems that you should avoid drinking coffee Before bad health Broke harder than before

1. Insomnia.
As girls know, coffee is a drink that contains caffeine. Contributes to causing the body to be alert. Therefore, people who have problems with chronic insomnia or who already have insomnia. It is best to avoid drinking. Especially from 2:00 p.m. onwards.

2. High blood pressure
This is because coffee contains both caffeine and diterpenes. Both of these substances have the effect of increasing heart function. Therefore causing the blood vessels to contract. As a result, blood pressure can rise. Therefore, drinking it is not recommended for people with high blood pressure. Especially those who cannot control their symptoms.

3. Glaucoma:
Because caffeine can increase eye pressure, girls with glaucoma should avoid drinking coffee. Including drinks that contain caffeine. To prevent the symptoms of glaucoma from getting worse

4. Osteoporosis
Caffeine is a substance that has the ability to remove calcium from the body. Therefore, there is a chance that the mineral density in the bones will decrease as well. Therefore, coffee has the opportunity to make girls People with osteoporosis can have more severe symptoms.

5. Hyperlipidemia
Coffee contains substances in the diterpene group. This substance has the effect of increasing total cholesterol and triglycerides, so women with hypercholesterolemia should avoid drinking coffee. Because the effects of coffee may cause the body to be unable to control blood fat levels reasonably well.

6. Severe stomach disease
For anyone who has stomach disease with severe symptoms You shouldn’t drink coffee at all. Because research has discovered that coffee has the effect of causing stomach pain. and makes symptoms from gastrointestinal diseases more severe

7. Diabetes:
Because coffee has the effect of stimulating the secretion of hormones that make blood sugar levels higher than before. Therefore, drinking it is not recommended for people with diabetes. Especially the type of diabetes that cannot be controlled. But in cases where sugar can always be controlled well Your doctor may allow you to drink coffee without added sugar, milk or cream, and it should be drunk in moderation.

8.Irritable bowel syndrome
For anyone who has irritable bowel syndrome It is recommended to avoid drinking coffee. Because this type of drink has the potential to trigger stomach pain or diarrhea.

9. Vitamin B1 deficiency
For those who are in a vitamin B1 deficiency condition You should stop drinking coffee altogether. Because coffee reduces the absorption of vitamin B1. and stimulates the excretion of vitamin B1 urinary Therefore resulting in vitamin B1 In the blood there is a decreased amount. Risk of causing problems with blood vessels, nervous system, brain, and heart.

10. Menopausal status in
the elderly or in the menopausal group. It is recommended to stop drinking coffee. It will greatly affect your physical health. Because coffee has the effect of stimulating blood pressure. and may stimulate the development of bad fat It also removes calcium from the body.

11. People who are pregnant
in the group of people who are pregnant. You should definitely abstain from coffee. Because coffee is the thing that pulls calcium out of the mother’s body. This affects the fetus who needs calcium to build bones. In addition, coffee has the effect of causing the fetus to have a lower birth weight. And there is also a risk of causing premature birth as well.

Of course, coffee doesn’t just have negative effects on the body. Because coffee is considered a drink that is very beneficial to the body as well. Just some drinks There are various substances. That is not suitable for the body of each person or those with certain congenital diseases. Therefore, it is recommended to study various drinks. Before drinking it well To achieve maximum benefit to the body and to avoid causing other negative effects as well.