What is a card – how to play a card

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Hello, all readers of the article. For today, I will introduce a card game. that Add believes gamble in here must be familiar And well known a card game. But for anyone does not know what a card is today I will explain the contents. Important about this card game for everyone to understand more which if ready Let’s go through the details together in this article.

What is a card?

For the card, it is a type of gambling that uses 1 deck of cards as a playing device. There are approximately 2-6 members of the player. The time used is not more than 15 minutes per game, depending on the rules of each circle set up. As for the playing process, there will be 1 player acting to deal 5 cards to other players each.

When everyone looks at the cards in their hand. If the round you have to play I looked at my own cards. Say the word “Kaeng” and show the cards out and put them on the table. Then the other players will open the cards according to you which if comparing the cards of everyone in the band

  • Your cards are really the lowest points. you will be the winner and get all the central money
  • But if the cards are opened and other players have lower points You have to lose money to players who have lower scores and will lose money. equal to the amount of money in the central
The card is
Playing cards – playing cards are

The origin of the card game

Where the word “Kaeng” in the south means tilting or in playing cards. But at present More and more people are playing this card. Until various companies that produces online games have brought this card game to make an online game and open to play for free more

The rules of playing cards

As for the rules for playing cards, it is to use 1 deck of cards as playing equipment. Which each card have different points. There is also a specific vocabulary for playing cards. Which Add will explain in the next section one by one. Including teaching how to play together Let’s go see.

know card points

  • All H (A) cards are worth 1 point.
  • Numbered cards (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) have their face value.
  • Foreign cards (JQK) of all colors are worth 10 points.
The card is
The point of each card – the card is


  • Community cards are cards placed in the middle of the circle. Which everyone can draw when they reach their own round
  • Draw is to draw 1 card from the center.
  • Kaeng is to show the cards in the middle of the card band. If you think that the cards in your hand are low. will open the cards and say “Kaeng”
  • Follow is to discard cards according to the previous player. Must be cards of the same rank Or only the same page. For example, A throws 8 down in the midfield. And then when it comes to the round B will play. When B looks at his hand. There are 8 same cards as A, so B can discard 8 according to A.
  • Out of hand  Then we have only one card left in our hand. Which the card is the same as. So we will discard this last card accordingly. which will be “out of hand”

When everyone understands that How many points are each card and know what words are? Next, let’s go into the process of playing.

play procedure

For the steps of playing the card. Let me tell you that it’s not difficult and it’s not as complicated as you think. You can study and understand each step as follows.

1. Place a bet

Initially, we will place bets into the pool. which the limit It depends on the players whether they will go down for 10, 20 or 100 baht each, depending on the rules set up.

2. Deal cards

Next, there will be 1 player acting to deal cards to other players around the circle either in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. by starting to distribute at yourself first and then distribute them to other players until all the cards are complete, 5 cards per person
(in some areas, he will give 1 person to deal cards to each player 1 card first to find out who will be the first to start the game Which card has the least points, that person will start the first game)

3. Start playing cards.

3.1 When the person who gets the card first has 5 cards in hand, must draw 1 community card when drawn. Must choose to discard one of the cards instead of the cards drawn up. By picking the cards with the highest points down so that the cards with the lowest points are left in the hand, to hold or to follow other players. until the hand

3.2 Subsequently, the next person looks at the cards that the first player discards to see if they can “follow” or not.

  • Case 1, if unable to follow, then draw a card, which when a card is drawn must discard one of the cards with a lot of points Come down instead of the cards that are drawn or if the cards have already been drawn There is a card in the hand like the card that was drawn. We can also discard the same cards in the same round.
  • Case 2 If possible, it can discard after the first player. For example, the first player discards a 9, the second player has a 9 as well, so the second player You can discard 9 cards accordingly.

3.3 To all players keep doing this until the turn of one of the players If there are very few remaining hand points That player wants to be confused. You can do it right by saying the word “Kaeng”.

  • Case 1 , in which, if already confused open cards really minimal That player will win and get the prize money.
  • Case 2, but if the cache already open cards There are fewer points by other players. The player who sniffed Must pay money to players who have less points. equal amount It’s in the center.

3.4. When no one says the word “Kaeng” but the community cards run out first Will force all players to discard all the cards in their hand to count who has the lowest points. that player will win in that game immediately

special rules

  • Case 1, when 5 cards are dealt in the first round before the start of playing, the person who has a “Tong” card, no matter what it is, such as (333), (555),(KKK), etc., will be considered that player be an instant winner
    **But if there are 2 players at the same time in the first round will have to measure again Whose card is the biggest?**
  • Case 2, when 5 cards are dealt in the first round before the start of playing, the person who has 5 cards of the same color or the same suit will be considered that player. be an instant winner
  • Case 3, when 5 cards are dealt in the first round before the start of playing, the person who has a “full score of 50” (that is, 5 cards with a full 10 score) such as (KKQQJ), any color can be mixed. will be considered that player be an instant winner


for this article The content that I have explained is that I hope that it will be useful to all of you more or less. For anyone who is a gambling expert in playing cards And if you study and understand in detail about all the cards, then add believes that you will play this card. Can be professional. If you interested membership with us UFABET