What are the rules, rules of snooker? You can find information here.

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Today, admin will explain in detail about the rules. Rules of snooker for everyone to understand that in playing snooker. In addition, admin will introduce the equipment used to play each type. If you are ready, let’s explore the information together in this article.

What is snooker?

Snooker is a sport. That uses a cue stick and a snooker ball as a device to play in which to play Will be played on a thick flannel table with a total of 6 holes in which the first 4 holes are located along the 4 corners of the table and there will be another 2 holes in the middle on the long side of the table

The playing style uses a cue stick and a snooker ball. with 1 white ball, 15 red balls, and 1 yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black ball as playing equipment In which a player can win 1 frame, there must be a point higher than the opposite side. and who wins more frames will be the winner


Snooker began to emerge in the late 19th century. In the 1870s, billiards were a very popular sport. among British soldiers stationed throughout India which the origin of this snooker Beginning in the Devonshire Regiment in Jabalpur in 1875, it has its roots in pocket billiards. Then combine the games of pyramid (15 red balls) and lifepool (different colored balls).

In which the format of the snooker game in the beginning, there will be 15 red snooker balls set in a triangle with 1 black ball behind the red triangle. Along with bringing in different colors of balls, including yellow , green, brown , blue and pink , added later.

snooker rules rules
History – Rules, Rules, Rules of Snooker

playing equipment

for playing snooker will have equipment used to play many kinds together which everyone can study and understand each device in the following topics.


For a standard table size, it is 11 feet × 5 feet. There are 6 holes in total. The first four holes are located in the four corners of the table and the other two holes are in the middle of each long side. 1 hole and a flannel (Cloth or baize), a green cloth covering the table. which has the effect of steering the direction of the cue ball Choose to place sidespin left or right , backspin (screw backward) and cue ball forward (fallo).

in choosing this fabric Will choose fabric brand Strachan (Strachan) used in the official snooker competition. Made from 100% wool, but some brands of fabric may be available. to be a fabric that consists of nylon fabric

snooker rules rules

Cue balls (Balls)

For cue balls or snooker balls, there will be a total of 22 balls (15 red balls), 1 white ball (will be the middle which are used to stab different colors into the holes) and 6 different colors, which will be separated as follows

  • Yellow = 2 points
  • Green = 3 points
  • Brown = 4 points
  • Blue = 5 points
  • Pink = 6 points
  • Black = 7 points
snooker rules rules
cue ball


To prevent the cue ball from stabbing, batting, or distorting to another direction

snooker rules rules

Cue stick

snooker rules
cue stick

Cue-tip chalk

A cue is a head that has a blue color or different colors. The top of the cue stick is for chalk support. for the time to stab the cue ball The direction will not be distorted.

Snooker Rules
cue head


a short wooden baton that are intended for queuing to make the cue longer Used for players who can not stab over a long distance there.

snooker rules rules

Wooden Rest (Rest)

snooker rules rules
Rest (Rest) – Rules, Rules, Snooker

Hook rest / Spider / Swan (Swan)

Hook Rest is like a normal rest stick. Only at the end of the head there is a metal hook.  It is the latest invention in snooker.

Spider or Rest bend (Spider) wood similar to Rest. To bet on the top of the cue ball. Swan is a device consisting of a rest with a long neck like the tip of a fork. 

snooker rules rules
Hook rest, Spider, Swan


Triangle/first (Triangle/Rack) is a device used for red cue ball collection It is the pattern required for setting the ball in order to start the frame ( Frame = Round or Set).

snooker rules rules
Triangle – Rules, Rules, Snooker

half butt

A half butt is a long stick that is usually located on the side under a snooker table. Often used with a long rest for stabbing the ball. 

snooker rules rules
Half Butt – Snooker Rules Rules

Now that you know the playing equipment, let’s go ahead and understand the rules of playing snooker.

snooker rules rules

For the rules of playing snooker You all need to understand that Which color of the cue ball must be stabbed first? to be able to stab the next cue ball which if ready Let’s see.

1. To play, can play from 2 people or more, if single, it’s 1: 1, team form, it’s 2: 2, etc.

2.There will be a total of 22 cue balls, 1 white ball, 15 red balls and 6 other colors, namely yellow = 2 green points = 3 brown points = 4 points blue = 5 pink points = 6 black points = 7 points , all of which will be placed on the snooker table

3. In play, the player will use the cue stick to stab the white ball. To roll to hit different colored balls. To go down the hole to get points. and will continue to play until the player is unable to make different colored balls that can go into the hole Then it will change for another player or other team to play some, with regulations in the order of playing different colors as follows

  • Start playing from the red ball first. If making a red ball into the hole will have the right to play other colors Any color as the player chooses
  • If playing another color ball into the hole again Then come back to play the red ball again. If successful again, play another color ball again. When the colored ball enters the hole. 
  • Stab balls of this color, alternating with each other. Until all 15 red balls have gone into the hole. Which if all these colored balls have already entered the hole. The referee will not bring these colored balls back and set them up again. When all the colored balls have gone into the hole will count the total score of each side. Which side has more points will be the winner in that frame


It’s over. For the rules of playing snooker If everyone studies and understands, you will see that the rules of playing are not difficult at all, and in addition, add has already explained the equipment used to play snooker. Admin hopes that everyone will understand how to use the device. each kind If you interested membership with us UFABET