‘Lions’ collapsed by ‘Magyar’ invasion at home 4-0

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England have yet to find their own good form. When opening the nest losing to Hungary 0-4. In a decisive form causing 4 games to be played with only 2 points. Sinking the plum of the group while the other pair. The German pair returned the form defeated Italy 5-2 winning the first game of the Nations League.

Football Cup UEFA Nations League 2022-2023 League A Group 3 Matchday 4 on Tuesday June 14 2022 at Molineux Stadium. He is a meeting between england national team have not been able to defeat anyone. In the past 3 games 2 draws 1 loss keeping the group’s plum with 2 points. The latest game opening the nest to draw with Italy without a score. This appointment is open for visitors. Hungarian national team played in the local draw with Germany came in the last game 1-1. Holding the second place in the group with 1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss with 4 points, this pair met in the first match, the roaring lions invaded to lose 0-1 

GOAL 16 minutes Hungarian players Got a goal to lead 1-0 from a free kick thrown into the penalty area , John Stones hit a bad clear, the ball went to   Roland Salli on the left-hand side of the post. Resting with the leg before the volley with the right ball pushing the post Aaron Ramsdale flew to flick the UFABET ball, but with the force the ball hit the arm into the net before finishing the first half with this score 

GOAL 70 minutes Magyar ‘s goal escaped to a 2-0 stroke following a throw-in from the left , Martin Adam, a backup that just came down. Scrambling for the ball from Calvin Phillips, who tried to rest the ball. Then paid into the penalty area for Roland Sallai ran to dunk the ball right into 

GOAL in the 80th minute Hungary came to score as far away as 3-0 from the moment that Martin Adam was in the penalty area, but had no shots, flowing the ball to Salt Nagi, running to hit with the left outside the box.full strength , Ramsdale tried to dive but failed to turn around. Then the hosts had 10 players left. John Stones was sent off for a second yellow card for a foul on Daniel Gazdag. 

GOAL 89 minutes The visiting team came to a 4-0 lead from the game in the middle of the field. Adam Nagi stabbed the ball through the hole forthe non-offside Gazdaq. Fall into the penalty area and decorate the ball Before chipping across the Ramsdale, who came out to cover the corner Enter the door to the superior 

The rest of the time, no more goals, 90 minutes of the game ended  , the Hungarian national team attacked England 4-0, winning back and forth with 7 points, leading up to the group 3, while the roaring lions lost the second match with 2 points, still ranked in the last place UEFA Nations League 2022-2023 League A, while the other pair in the same group, Germany defeated Italy 5-2, grabbed the first three points.

lineup England national team (4-3-3 system of play): Aaron Ramsdale (goalkeeper) – Kyle Walker, John Stones, Mark Gehi, Reece James – Conor Gallagher, Calvin Phillips, Jude Bellingham – Bukayo Saka, Harry Kane (captain), Jarrod Bowen

lineup Hungary national team (3-4-2-1 system): Denes Dibusz (goalkeeper) – Attila Salai, Adam Lang, Willy Orban – Attila. Fiola, Ondrach Chafer, Callum Styles, Salt Nagi – Roland Sallai, Dominic Soboszlai – Adam Salai (captain).