Campbell hit! ‘Banana Hom’ slashes ‘Kiwi’ to Qatar last team

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Costa Rica has become the 32nd team to qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. After beating New Zealand narrowly 1-0 thanks to Joel Campbell’s shot in Group E with Spain Germany and Japan.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers play-off stage at Ahmed bin Ali Stadium. Qatar on Tuesday 14 June 2022, will see Costa Rica finish fourth in the qualifying round. CONCACAF Zone meets New Zealand , who beat the Solomon Islands 5-0 in the qualifying match. Oceania Zone The winner of this pair will immediately receive the last ticket to play at the World Cup later this year.

The UFABET game started just 3 minutes ago, Kluayhom team got the goal to lead 1-0 from the stroke of the center of the field on the left , Javison Bennett kept the ball and dragged the ball into the side of the penalty area. Before paying in front of the goal for Joel Campbell, ran to shoot with the left to the far post decisively, then Kiwi invaded hard, but the last stroke was not sharp enough to finish the first half, Costa Rica still led one goal.

into the second half Team from Oceania Zone Trying to hold the ball and then attack in hopes of scoring an equalizer. But there was a problem in finishing the score. I also have to lose another player after Costa Barbarosse, a backup that came down in the 61st minute, but 6 minutes later to turn the button on the ankle , Francisco Calvo, the referee . The first yellow card, but asked to check VAR again before changing his mind, holding a red card and expelled from the field.

The rest of the time, New Zealand , despite having fewer players. but had no choice but to try to score goals to equalize but until then Can’t beat past Gaylor Navas, the rival outpost At the end of the game, Khan Kluayhom slashed to win 1-0, grabbing the last seat and entering the World Cup for the 6th time successfully, while New Zealand had to find disappointment.

Costa Rica will be in Group E along with Spain, Germany and Japan that have previously drawn. The schedule will be against the fierce bull on 23 November, followed by the Red Army on 27 November and the Iron Eagle in the final group match on 1 December.