A pair of coaches! ‘Matic’ joins ‘Wolves’ Joy ‘Mourinho’ in the third round

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Nemanja Matic, an experienced midfielder Just finished his contract with Manchester United. Moved to Roma for free with a one-year contract and was the return of Jose Mourinho’s team for the third time.

AS Roma have announced the signing of Serb midfielder Nemanja Matic. Join the army for free After the players just expired contract with Manchester United in the Premier League team. During this summer By signing a contract for 1 year or until June 2023 with conditions.

At the same time, it will be back to work with Jose Mourinho , the Portuguese coach again. First with Chelsea between 2013-2015 and then being a member of Jamoo ‘s team again between 2016-2018 at Old Trafford until recently being together with Wolves of Rome season 2022-2023

The 33-year-old said: “I am delighted and honored to work with this UFABET club. And I can’t wait to start the new season with my new teammates. Roma is a big club. It has amazing fans and coach Jose Mourinho is well known to everyone. The decision to come here was not difficult. I hope that by working together We will be able to achieve great things.”

The highly experienced midfielder has made 189 appearances for the Red Devils over the past five seasons, scoring four goals, but has not achieved as much success as he could only be runners -up in the FA Cup and Europa League . He has won the Premier League twice while with the Blues  under Mourinho and Antonio Conte. 

Matic will be wearing the number 21 shirt to play for the new agency next season. The wages were not disclosed. Italian media reports that he will be paid in a contract of around 3.5 million euros or about 127 million baht in one season. If the contract is extended further, it must be negotiated again.